Student Enterprises

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication - Pune

Campus Connect

Campus Connect Cell is the face of the college to the students aspiring to be a part of SIMC. The cell is internally divided into two verticals ­ The Online Team and The Offline Team.

Our Online Team handles the SIMC aspirants page on facebook and is responsible for presence on different admission forums online. The task assigned to the team is to answers all queries regarding our admission process, courses we offer,campus life etc and try and help the aspirants in every possible way.

Our Offline Team carry out initiatives on the physical front for the aspirants. Our events include SIMChai, which is held twice during the admission cycle and ensuring a smooth flow of our annual Admission process in association with the Online Team
The team handles the admission process and helps the students in the same.

  • We are the first ones to communicate with aspirants
  • Right from SNAP/MAMC test schedules, results, admission details, shortlists, slotting, GD, PI we do it all.
  • We make sure that the aspirants get a feel of life at SIMC and make them feel like they’re already one of us
  • We’ll reply within minutes even if you were to put up a doubt at 3am on a saturday night, we work 24/7
  • We have the patience to answer the same question 100 times from different aspirants
  • When you come to campus, we’ll have all your documents sorted, assign you into groups, and make sure each and every one of you finish your verification, WAT, GD and PI on time amidst the hundreds of other aspirants, and make sure you make it in time for your buses/trains/flights out of Pune. We may even ask you if you’ve had the time to eat amidst all the chaos
  • SIMChai are informal events organized to clear doubts for those who confirmed admission to SIMC­ right from a list of what to pack before you shift to your hostel, to which faculty you must watch out for, which classes are the most fun, which hostel is better (new hostel, duh), which dog is Dollar and which one is pound and so on. The list is endless.
  • We have an answer for every question.


The 'Media' part of the Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication is a tough nut to crack.

The press releases,  interviews, tireless calls to the journalists and even maintaining an exhaustive media list, the tasks seem endless. However the Content For Media cell has a dynamic and erudite set of people who perform these seemingly herculean tasks with the utmost efficency. The cell is responsible for the critical job of maintaining and building media relations, for a media college.

An event for an average SIMC student starts on the day of the event itself, for the young turks of Content For Media cell however, the event had started 2 days ago. Calls were made, articles finished with seemingly impossible deadlines, and stories were weaved, behind the curtains, with no one the wiser. Content is moulded, created and curated with extreme precision and dollops of creativity and then sent out to the media, out there for the entire world to see. The stakes are high, but then so are the takeaways.

This challenging yet rewarding work builds character and equips each of its members with a unique skill set, that serves them well when they step out in the real world.

The Content For Media cell is a slice of reality in the whimsical hilltop campus of Lavale.


This student­led forum enables the students to build, sustain, and enhance SIMC in the corporate world. Hence, in its basic capacity CIT is the face of SIMC in the industry. The CIT team strives hard to foster strong relationships with leading corporates, agencies and media houses in the industry by cementing bonds with top executives and veterans. Apart from this, CIT also aims to complement conventional teaching methods with events that increase industry exposure and augment students' understanding of academic concepts by providing them an industry perspective regarding the different fields of Brand Communication, Public Relations, Media Management, Marketing and Media Research through interactions with Media stalwarts.

The team delivers on that front by conceptualizing, developing and executing events such as Conclaves, Clairvoyances, Catalyst sand Colloquiums which supplement the institute's pedagogy.

Clubs and Competition Cell

The real learning begins when one moves out of the classroom and experiences the dynamic world. Clubs and Competition Cell is the key to unlock the unfathomable opportunities and exciting challenges that await the students at SIMC-PG.

The clubs' vertical has five clubs, namely, Media Management, Brand Communication, Public Relations, Research and Digital. They are the knowledge centers, which fulfill the need of application of theories beyond classrooms. Second year students head the clubs. They bring together young enthusiastic minds at SIMC to build discussions around relevant content.

The competition vertical acts as an interface between the industry, other colleges and SIMC to organize and participate in various national renowned competitions. The beginning of the academic year 2016-2017 saw mind-boggling competitions centered on brands, integrated marketing campaigns, media management and extensive research. Eminent industry stalwarts judged the competitions called SIMCatalyst. There were also, online quiz, which challenged the bright minds to test their knowledge in areas related to the communication field.

Clubs and Competition Cell is student driven initiative, which is in constant search of the best opportunities and exposure for its students.

Ad Club

The world of advertising constantly seems to be ever evolving and always leaves us awestruck to see the fusion of creativity and strategic thinking with the changing dynamic consumer around us. The Ad Club played a significant role in shaping this image for advertising students, whilst still keeping them grounded to the realities of the industry. From having One-to-One interactions with industry stalwarts to coming up with interesting and even whacky campaign ideas, The Ad Club, guided by the esteemed Brand Communication faculty at SIMC, asserts the role of a porter, with the students on the porter’s wheel, helping mold and shape their understanding of the industry. From sessions on the World of Advertising, to understanding ads and breaking them down in the most simplistic manner, to debating the role of digital agencies, to exploring the old and new in the talent hub space in the Advertising Industry, to debates on topics like "Fall of traditional v/s. [Re] evolution in Advertising, Pop quizzes and Competitive events - a lot will be on the students’ semester storyboard if they’re a part of The Ad Club @SIMC! All this and much more also play a big role in not only firming the choice of specialization, but also betters our students’ at understanding how they want to shape their future in this world of advertising.

MM Club

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

The Media Management club is a platform for informal academic interactions amongst the students with respect to the media and entertainment industry. It aims at emphasizing the power of a medium in making or breaking a message. The club activities are primarily centered on important themes such as media planning, innovation, and economics of media industries, campaign planning along with discussions on recent industry happenings.

Here, we take a different approach at learning concepts. Debates, group discussions, case studies and media related tasks are some of the ways in which we engage ourselves. The introductory sessions largely focus on clearing doubts or misconceptions regarding the specialization itself through a myth breaking session followed by a Q&A. The next few sessions introduce basic media concepts and terminologies that serve as a foundation for future group activities. The group tasks are then focused on planning the media and innovating them for some of the popular brands assigned to each group. Much later, club sessions divulge into broader themes such as movie and entertainment marketing, product placements, native advertising and experiential marketing. The Emvies is an annual awards ceremony, for the media agencies in appreciation of their media strategies for various brands. The nominated and the winning campaigns are discussed in length during the club sessions for applying theoretical concepts into practice. The club is also a forum to discuss career opportunities, work profiles, dream companies to work in and sharing of experiences by the senior batch based on their internships.

Even the students, who do not belong to the media management specialization, look forward and contribute to the club sessions, by bringing with them, knowledge in their own domain such as Brand communications, Public Relations, Research and Analytics. We, at the club make use of this very opportunity to try and learn holistically.

Swati Sharma, a first year student says, “The MM club gave us an insight about the media and the work we would be doing post our graduation. It also helped us build a foundation by giving us a task of watching the Emvies where we were consciously exposing ourselves to the current scenario”

Knowledge is what it is only when shared and acted upon. We live by this, having the most fun possible.

Research and Analytics Club

Research and Analytics Club is a student run club comprising of students and runs under faculty advice. It was formed for the benefit of the research enthusiasts of SIMC and serves as a knowledge-sharing portal, where students come together and understand the core concepts of research, such as its various process and methodologies. But more than that, it is a platform for students to convene and explore the options together and share their ideas, no matter how crazy they sound.

Research is crucial regardless of the stream that an MBA student is in; it is the basis for finding many business solutions. Research not only solves problems but helps determine what exactly the market position of a brand is and how consumers perceive it. Understanding the consumer behavior is also vital for devising any marketing or communication strategies of the brand. Research is that backbone for any industry that helps bridge the need and the gap.

Analytics is a field that is growing in leaps and bounds, especially with the advent of social media and Internet. Internet penetration is growing even in the remote areas of the country, with that the number of online consumers and social media users. What this necessarily means is that there is a humongous amount of consumer data available. This would need analysts who can make sense of the data and present it in a language that a layman can understand. That’s why there is a growing demand for big data analysts in today’s world. Research and Analytics Club understands this and hence helps in getting this message across among its fellows.

The Club conducts regular sessions that not only touch upon the theoretical concepts of research and analytics, but also holds activities and contests that create an interest in research amongst the students and give them a basic and practical idea of the workings of the industry. Research based quizzes and case study analysis are also some of the popular activities of the Research and Analytics Club. Last and foremost, the club also serves as a vital source of student-centric information regarding choice of specializations and a stage for sharing internship experiences.

PR Club

Creative thinking, storytelling and relationship building is the foundation of Public relations. Here at the PR club of SIMC, we aim to bring together young minds and get them ready to enter the media and communications industry.

The PR club of SIMC works with a view to impart knowledge and information along with sharing tips and tricks with newbies who wish to be successful in the PR world.

The objective is to deliver the essence what public relations is and the skills one needs to have to be adept at it. By illustrating examples of successful global campaigns, we take the batch through the various verticals of PR such as the target audience for each and the content that each vertical requires.

Digital Club

The Digital Club at SIMC Pune, aka DigiClub, focuses on bringing together a community of people with the common, unifying love of all things digital! The digital space is dynamic and rapidly evolving, keeping pace with the new technological developments in the world around us. Simply put, these are great times to live in! Our agenda – to help each other stay up to date with the advancements in the field of creative communication that are taking place in the digital realm!

The Club focuses on building a robust platform for inducting digital enthusiasts and facilitating sharing of knowledge and ideas. We discuss and explore possibilities in the realm of digital communication through dissecting campaigns, ideating & brainstorming on new ideas, spotting trends in the industry and how brands benefit from digital as a medium.

Creative cell

The Creative cell at SIMC homes a bunch of people who swear by Photoshop and thrive in paint. Entrusted with the responsibility of beating the drum for the multitude of events at SIMC, materialising marvellous ideas, and breathing a bit of magic, the Creative Cell brings events, SIMC and even the hilltop to life. The Cell has two kinds of people – some who make their magic in the digital world and live on a steady diet of memes and gifs and some who paint the town red and sprinkle glitter on everything.

Between the Art and Digital divisions, the cell takes responsibility for developing promotional content – both offline and online, ideating for event themes and outlines and handling the generic creative requirements of other cells. In short, we’ve done everything; from recreating feudal Japan, and painting walls to creating posters on an almost daily basis and designing websites.

Because of the kind of people that populate the cell, we also take personal responsibility for keeping the digital culture alive at SIMC, through our uproariously hilarious memes, our priceless shots of the campus and the people on it and our exceptional talent for spotting and capturing those ‘only at SIMC’ moments.

So if you spot a couple of students huddled over Photoshop or standing in an awkward stance capturing SIMC moments, or moulding a contraption of Styrofoam, paper and PVA glue (we swear by these three), be rest assured you are looking at one of our creative mortals. In a nutshell, we come up with crazy ideas and turn them into gorgeous pieces of art or the most perfectly made posters.

Logistics Cell

So here is what you need to know about the logistics Cell. Currently this cell his Co-Headed by Mohit Tannu (MBA) and Puneet Kaur(MBA). SiMC is known for it's cultural and academic events. So the Logistics cell is involved in all the back-end work for every event.

So here is the list of things that we do.

  • Procurement of Materials
  • Guest Relations
  • Stage and Stall Setups
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Shadowing the Guests during the Corporate events
  • Getting the Flexes, Batch T-shirts and Hoodies, Banners printed.
  • Complaisance and Permissions
  • Food and Beverages in charge
  • Control Room Operations,
  • Pre and Post Events setups
  • Being support to every cell when needed.

With great responsibilities come great perks.

So the perks include handling and operating the walkie talkies during the major events on campus, taking trips to the city for procurement, staying out on campus for decoration during the time of events.

Logistics does involve a lot of running around, but we also have our share of fun and advantages, making work seem thoroughly enjoyable!

Online Branding

The Online Branding Cell creates defined and structured communication to our stakeholders- students, aspirants, alumni, and the industry. We attempt to build an SIMC community and to get more exposure for it in a multifaceted online world.

With our presence on multiple social media platforms i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, it is our responsibility to make SIMC's online presence informative and engaging. We share our knowledge with the outside world by pushing out information and by pulling them in with our stories. As an online mouthpiece for the college, we share coverage of various events and activities at the institute, opinions on the latest media happenings and student work.

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell facilitates Placements and Internships for the students. The Cell organizes training sessions for the students to hone their skills for the recruitments and organizes the placement season in the month of November.

Backed by the Director, Placement officer and staff, the Placement Cell is a student run initiative that aims to find the best possible fit for deserving students in the industry.

Projects Cell

The Projects Cell sources live industry projects and helps students to participate and complete these assignments with mentors from various Agencies And Corporates.

How does the cell work ?

The cell head gets a lead project from other cells like CIT, ARC, SAF and placements. After approval from the project’s faculty-in-charge, the project is then opened to students that contains the project brief . For every project there’s one person-in-charge( POC) pertaining to that particular project. Based on the client’s requirements, students are selected based on their CVs and interviews. The projects are then pursued through emails and over phone calls. Every project has a timeline and students get certificates on successful completion of the project. We then evaluate the project through Client feedback for students and student’s feedback about the project, feed into our database for future reference

The project cells gives students to have their hands on experience on the real corporate world. The kind of work, profiles, job descriptions of the projects matches to their job profile in various companies and firms during their final year placements. It adds to value to their CV and always gives an edge during job selections during their internships and placements.

Currently, the team consists of 4 seniors and 4 juniors.


We at SIMCare, believe in doing our selfless bit in this selfish world. We are the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Cell of SIMC with the mission to inculcate among today’s aspiring managers, a sense of social responsibility and thereby create awareness towards the innumerable issues plaguing human society.

We at SIMCare, care not for dividends, we care about making a difference and changing lives. As cliched as that might sound, we still believe that united, we can make this humble dream a reality and to that end, work earnestly and relentlessly. Since its inception in 2015, SIMCare has undertaken various on and off- campus social initiatives. Our flagship initiative “ Samarthan” works towards educating our mess workers, with other projects ranging from recording Audio books for children of the blind school to organising small scale initiatives which help us fulfil the wishes of our housekeeping staff through crowd funding. We take on- board a lot of students in the form of volunteers that help us in running our cell smoothly at the same time gives them a short at working for a cause of their choice.

Our projects include:


Samarthan, a teaching program for mess children is the flagship program of SIMCare and is an activity that goes on round the year. Keeping their requirements in mind, we have started with the teaching of three subjects (Mathematics/Hindi/English) for which we have session plans & teacher’s manuals in place.

Numerous students contribute and participate in it in the form of volunteers. We try to create the pool in such a way that each volunteer lands up spending not more than 2 to 3 hours a week.

With the help of this initiative we try to imbibe basic knowledge to all these workers that can assist them in their future. We plan to go stronger in the coming year by providing them with various printed books and worksheets that can assist them better in this activity.

#MyNameIs Campaign:

This campaign was our attempt at liberating our mess workers from pseudo-names like ‘baiya’, ‘chotu’ etc. and to urge everyone around to address them by their names so as to give them back their identity

Badges were printed with their individual names on it and urged everyone around in the mess to start referring to them with the same. We also made a video 10 days into the initiative capturing the reactions of the students as well as the mess workers.

Thanks to this initiative everyone around started referring to the workers by their names and the reward received was the big contagious smile on their face.

Thinking Social Seminar:

SIMCare conducted its first official event 'Thinking Social seminar' on social entrepreneurship in collaboration with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park and Champions Of Change by Tata Social Enterprise Challenge It was an enlightening session for budding social entrepreneurs.

We had eminent speakers like Ashish Gawade, Jayant Nataraju, Dr. Madhav Sathe, Maitreyee Kulkarni & Sudhir Deshpande.


During Chennai floods, SIMCare collaborated with a Chennai based NGO - Namma Chennai Calling who were helping out with the rescue operations. A total amount of Rs.27,000 was raised & the same was used by the NGO to purchase relief materials such as blankets, mattresses, candles and sanitary napkins.

Unlock Wishes:

Around the time of Christmas, SIMCare introduced the initiative, 'Unlock Wishes'. This was solely aimed at bringing a smile on the faces of our campus helping elves (hostel cleaners, mess workers and watchmen).

We decided to do our bit by fulfilling their small and simple wishes by crowd funding them. We received numerous wishes ranging from shoes, sarees to wall clocks and toys for their kids. In a span of 5 days we collected enough funds to fulfil every wish.

Project Eye Care:

SIMCare interacted with mess workers assigned for the chapati-making job and realized that most of them were having issues of dryness in the eyes along with some redness and irritation afterwards. So the solution to this problem became our next mission “Project Eyecare.”

We distributed eye safety glasses amongst our mess folks for protection against the heat waves, while they carry on with their daily job.

Project Audio Books:

This was the first initiative of SIMCare that was done for the benefit of the people beyond the campus. Audio Books, a compilation of various stories were made for students of the Jagriti Blind School. The stories were all written, recorded and edited in- house by our very own SIMC students. 


Co-Curricular activities enhance the quality of studentship on any campus. It is extremely crucial for co-curricular to be present in an educational system that complement and enhance educational programs. The Co-Curricular cell of SIMC, that is popularly known as SIMCult among the students ensures an experience outside the regular 4 walls of a classroom. It gives students a chance and a spot-lit platform to create specific aptitudes and display their non-scholastic capacities, enhancing the value of life as a student. The activities are purely on a voluntary basis and it has been seen how the students of SIMC exhibit enthusiasm in not only taking part, but also in organizing them. Be it jam sessions on campus, gigs in the city, putting up performances for various fests celebrated on and off campus, taking part in national fests and even just getting together for the love of music, art, dance, theatre and much more. Through the years, SIMC has seen a thirst for exhibiting talent and hunting for talent among students.

Fest-O-Comm, the flagship fest of SIMC, is a national level fest that brings together all art forms and sees participation from various universities all over the country. The fest organizes all form of cultural activities and competitions in music, art, dance, theatre, photography, fashion, film-making and a lot more. It even organizes certain sports and case-study competitions during the fest. Pro-night, that sees popular bands, stand-up artists or famous crews, is the highlight of the fest. It gives students a platform to showcase their behind-the-stage talent and interact with other colleges, students and other industry professionals. Fest-O-Comm is a great opportunity for every single student as it helps them excel in their respective fields, be it organizing an event or anchoring it. It is the biggest platform for SIMC students to display their skills in teamwork as every cell plays a significant role in the success of this event. Fest-O-Comm has seen many eminent personalities gracing the occasion with their presence. Last year the fest welcomed Manoj Bajpaye, Puneri Paltans, Prateek Kuhad and Paradigm Shift.

SIMCinema is a fest that SIMC organizes where prominent personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and.. have graced the occasion. The fest, as the name suggests, is all about Cinema, and the students of SIMC not only ideate, but also take part in various activities.

SIMCarnival is a celebration that is organized and participated by students of SIMC. The cell ideates a concept around the carnival every year and ensures hidden talents are showcased and glorified. The traditions of SIMC are passed on from the seniors to the juniors and this is the perfect platform to do the same!. The Co-Curricular cell, or SIMCult, has over 31 members this year, all working to create a lively atmosphere on campus.


Sponsorship cell is the newest cell in SIMC. The cell comprises of a team of 22, and is headed by Rohini Ramachandran. Simply put, the cell works to raise funds based on the requirements of the various events that are organized in the college. It works in tandem with all the other cells as and when the need arises.

The most important agenda of the cell is to raise funds for FestOComm, which is the flagship event of SIMC. It is a cultural extravaganza with a plathora of competitions and events. Apart from FOC, properties of the college like CricFiesta (SIMC's very own IPL), SIMCinema (the reel deal), SIMCarnival (SIMC's in-house cultural fest) are all events which the sponsorship cell assists.

The college has seen a variety of sponsors ranging from corporates like Coca-Cola, media houses like Zee TV, and Food chains like Smokin' Joe's, in the past years.

Sports Cell SIMC

The Sports cell of SIMC was created to ensure smooth functioning and streamlined management of all student’s activities in the domain of sports. Sports cell inculcates and promotes the essence of sports in the everyday life of budding managers. It aims to provide an environment of holistic development by ensuring physical fitness and overall well-being by entertaining sports and games in the work schedule of all budding managers.

Facilities On Campus:
  • Symbiosis University underlines on the inside and out advancement of understudies keeping the convention, SIU arranges different games exercises for the understudies on customary premise in which SIMC Sports Cell likewise has impact. The ground is all around outfitted with the vital condition of workmanship foundation to encourage all games exercises. Rich green cricket grounds with three hard knocking down pitches are accessible on the grounds. There are two preparing nets which are accommodated for the practice sessions. One volley ball court and one b-ball court are additionally the parts of the base. The very much kept up football ground is likewise accessible. To encourage the indoor diversion prerequisites, the understudy movement focus is accessible, which has offices for the amusements like carom, chess and table tennis and so forth. The certainties for athletic occasions are likewise accessible on the grounds. A very much prepared Gymnasium is likewise accessible with every current instrument and a qualified mentor. The foundation additionally empowers support of the students in different state and national level games exercises sorted out at various establishments and colleges over the nation. Yearly games day, Fresher's container competitions in different games, Inter branch competitions for different games are the occasions sorted out on standard premise consistently. Different preparing camps for games, enterprise camps, mountaineering camp and so forth are likewise sorted out for the general advancement of students.
  • To ensure the maximum participation of students.
  • To make sure that the sports equipments are properly distributed among the students.
  • Assigning a POC for the events.
  • Collaboratively making sure of rules and regulations per event.
  • Acting as a bridge between SIU and SIMC for conducting the events and the prerequisites.
Key Activities:
  • Official conducting authority of National Sports Day 2016.
  • Organising and managing the official Cricket Fiesta, Crick Fiesta a three day phenomenal display of Cricketism.
  • ICE BREAKERS is handled by sports cell where we engage students of both the batches and various specializations in competitive sports tournaments to break the ice between seniors and the new batch .
  • Updating the students about various domestic and global news on sports through the medium of E mail and Social Media.
  • Conducting the events which are related to sports throughout the year and also contribute in the SIMC’s annual Fest i.e. Fest O Com.


Wellness is a state of complete mental, physical and social well being that results in a healthy life. We at SIMC strive to make the lives of the people on the hill better keeping their hectic schedules in mind. Our motto is to help our friends attain healthy bodies and minds despite the usual work pressure and long unhealthy working hours.

We at the Wellness Cell believe in translating research into action, adopting innovation and invigorating a positive change on an individual as well as community level. Through our various programs, we seek to empower the SIMC Community to keep exploring numerous dimensions of health and wellness without missing out on the ‘fun aspect’ of it. Our main objective is to inculcate behavioural patterns that give rise to healthy lifestyles among the students in the long run.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Wellness Cell is to support academic success and student learning by providing services that promote healthy behaviors and attitudes and empower them to make informed decisions in terms of attaining healthy lifestyles and intensify their well being.

About Wellness Cell, SIMC Pune:
The Wellness Cell is a part of the division of Student Council at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. We work closely with the Recreaion and Wellness Centre at Symbiosis International (Deemed University) to provide all-inclusive, holistic care to the students on campus.


"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance is not just an art, it's an expression. It's not just your passion, it's an obsession. Dance comes naturally to us humans. You dance just like you love, eat and drink. Dance brings together all solitary residents of the hill like nothing else does.

We at SIMChoreo come together to twirl our way out of the heaps of assignments and projects that come with a Post Graduation course. We are a family of dedicated lovers of this art. We try our best to personify brilliance into any form of dance and have received accolades every time we have set foot on stage. Some of our highly appreciated performances include our in house productions and competitive participation at various colleges of Pune. It is worth mentioning that out of the 20 odd colleges under Symbiosis International (Deemed University), we have unfailingly been graced with the opportunity to perform on various events like Independence Day and Ganesh Chaturthi every year. One of our biggest achievement in the year 2015 was to perform at the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF ) on great demand.

The only overpowering feeling that binds us together is our undying love for dance. Fortunately we get to learn a lot about the style by the extremely talented pool of students from everywhere across the country who join us every year. In turn we give them a FAMILY away from home and lots of fun and frolic in their mundane lives.


A team performance comes together in no other form better than performing arts. And this is especially true for theatre. The stage is said to be unanimous with life. And that’s what the theatrical stage at SIMC stands for!

SIMCurtains, the Drama Circle of Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication-PG, Pune, is a simple collective of theatre enthusiasts and team spirit, that comes together twice a year to put up an annual stage and street production. Having risen to fame once again for its very famous street play-nukkad naatak performance in Pune in the fest season of 2015-16, SIMCurtain members are known to redefine expression on stage when every year the junior and senior batch comes together for the first Symbiosis fest – Aarambh, often known to have the sole right over the winning ovation! And with ambitions higher than ever, SIMCurtains looks at a yearly tradition of performing gigs and one-acts all across town.

Productions by SIMCurtains have never restricted to a certain a language, medium, stage method or expression in performance. Spanning across many regional dialects, from street to stage, from musicals to mime, from sticking to original music to expressing through new forms of theatre as evolving in the world outside campus today – SIMCurtains has always stood for challenging itself as a circle of passionate theatre performers to constantly evolve and appreciate the performance, whether we are standing before an audience or just enjoying the show backstage!

For more details for upcoming fests & performance, please contact:
Preethi Krishnasamy (+919003136425, +918154887398) Munj Pandya (+918866465055)


The Fashion Circle of SIMC is one of the newer circles. The circle had a very humble beginning, with a handful of people who were extremely enthusiastic about fashion, and wanted to prove their mettle on the runway. Armed with nothing but a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm, and costumes styled by our own people with material sourced from our own wardrobes, we decided to start our journey by participating in competitions, just for the sheer joy of participation. Little did we know that our foray on the ramp will go off with a bang and we will end up winning the first place in the very first competition we participated in. Our enthusiasm having increased exponentially, we decided to keep the ball rolling and participated in other competitions. Till date, we have had a pristine record of never having returned empty handed from any competition that we participated in.

Having realized that we do have the potential of reaching bigger and better milestones, we decided to pursue it passionately and worked on putting together a brilliant team of models and designers who are determined to put their best foot forward on the runway and keep the tempo up. We have a line of events lined up, the next one being SIMCarnival, SIMC’s very own cultural extravaganza.

The Fashion Circle hopes to scale steeper heights this year, armed with its fierce determination and dedication, all in the signature SIMC style.


The SIMC FILM CIRCLE is the one-stop destination for film enthusiasts, appreciators, critics and makers on the campus. Cinema has recently celebrated 100 years of birth and within this period there are innumerable masters, auteurs from around the world. The film circle aims to introduce the students to such cinema and also induce a culture of critical viewing, discussions on the form and build up a taste for it. A weekly screening is organized curated as per Country choice with the ideology of presenting the cinema that is coming out from these parts of the world.

Cinema is an art form which is to be viewed together in order to capture the emotions and understanding the waves coming out of it. It is correlated to academics and in some cases even more where it engages with the inner self- thoughts. The film circle dedicates itself to induction of a culture of film viewing together. The cultures of far off lands, the textures of unknown spaces, come out live on screen and the film circle offers the appreciation of it. The target remains to convert the weekly screenings into daily screenings which is when the induction can reach a completion.

Screenings consist of films of modern day masters like Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Jia Zhangke, Wong Kar Wai, Appichatpong Weersethakul as well as classic filmmakers like Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen, Andrei Tarkovsky, Nagisha Oshima to name a few. Their films are viewed together, discussed, broken down and in some rare cases, just felt as a whole.

Music Circle, SIMC

The Music Circle of Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune (SIMC-PG) comprises of an eclectic mix of music enthusiasts who do just about everything that comes to mind when one thinks about the word ‘music’. Our music team comprises of singers proficient in Indian classical and Western, instrumentalists playing the keyboard, guitar, drums and even the flute, and music producers well-versed with the professional audio softwares.

Apart from actively taking part in the various in-house cultural events like Aarambh (cultural event for first-year students), SIMCarnival (mid-term cultural event) and Fest-O-Comm (SIMC's annual festival) the circle has also participated in performances outside. These include various music competitions held by other institutes/colleges, as well as the local gigs in Pune. Apart from these, there are those frequent bonfire sessions and promotional flash mobs which the Circle organises.

Being part of media institute, the members of the circle are also active in producing in-house music videos and studio recordings of their songs. The Circle frequently collaborates with the other Circles to put up performances having a mix of dance, drama, poetry and music.

The meetings of the Music Circle inevitably transmute into impromptu jam sessions where the varied influences of its members intermingle, and each one ends up learning something from the other.

For anything related to organising music events as well performing, please contact:
Muriel Dias (+91 98335 30560)
Kabir Upmanyu (+91 98108 31747)

Kaafiyana- The Poetry Circle…

“Poetry- Something with wings that perches on the soul”, Never forget to lend your ears to poetry because if words express, poetry heals. Kaafiyana, in its true essence is a place where you come, sit and forget. Forget- your anger, your resentment, your weariness, your boredom, life and assignments. You simply live. It’s a place where you come to express freely without the fear of being judged. At least that is our endeavour. For us, Kaafiyana is our release, our catharsis, it’s an escape route as well as acceptance of ourselves. At the end of the day, it is spending some fabulous time with your friends, forgetting the world and just being us and enjoying the one thing that binds us and enjoying the one thing that binds us. And that is the medium of our expression- Poetry!

We can cry/laugh out our emotions and feel free. A platform where every type of Chaos going around becomes a rhythmic poem. That’s the specialty of Kaafiyana. Apart from being a platform, it works on our vocabulary, diction and language. Here we play with words to express the emotions that exist, the emotions that are felt by all of us with the blink of an eye. There is a glimpse of a sky, the split from a fry doesn’t make any sense. Kaafiyana for us is a journey that we take to delve into the refuge of something beautiful and grotesque at the same time. We find the words to define the best and worst to experience in life. We say, we write, we sing, we rant and we feel. Poetry invades your heart, pulses through your body, captures your soul and frees you in the most liberating way.

The circle organizes periodic meets often centring around certain themes. The circle consists of the core members and other who just wish to come, sit, feel, express or simply relax. The members gather and let their emotions flow in a melodious manner. We discuss our own poetry, we listen to the classics and many poets of different genres. Right from love, melancholy, freedom, patriotism, comedy, tragedy, we discuss it all. Not only we love it there, we feel liberated and we feel us! And at the end, we get up feeling free and happy. We have a smile on our faces. Period!

Weirdo!  Emo! Lost! Nerd!
These are the words that follow a poet around like a herd!
Expressing to connect
Expressing to no longer be a reject
Kafiyana - a fit for every misfit.
To hell with stress, assignments, quizzes
No matter what , Kafiyana greets you with embraces
Kaafiana sets its own pace
That's why , proud to be a part of this space.

Caution Notice