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Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication - Pune

Corporate Interface Team MA MC (Audio Visual)

The Corporate Interface Team of MA MC (Audio Visual) is oriented to engage with the finest industry professionals, and provide opportunities for interactions so that the students can meet and explore the multiple facets of the world that they will be stepping into. The action plan of the team includes planning events, visits, symposiums and seminars to enrich the minds of students with relevant knowledge about the Industry. The team effectively puts their efforts into creating the face of SIMC in the Media and Entertainment Industry.

Our Online Team handles the SIMC aspirants page on facebook and is responsible for presence on different admission forums online. The task assigned to the team is to answers all queries regarding our admission process, courses we offer,campus life etc and try and help the aspirants in every possible way.

Corporate Interface Team (Journalism)

The Corporate Interface Team of MA MC (Journalism) aims to bridge the gap between students and industry experts to help the students get media insights from journalists themselves. They do this by organizing events such as full-day conclaves, panel discussions and lecture series which ensure that the knowledge of the industry’s functioning is being given as much importance as academics.

Corporate Interface Team MBA (CM)

The Corporate Interface Team (CIT) of SIMC is the bridge between the industry and the institute. As a team, they believe in delivering quality and excellence to the student community by establishing strong networks and connections from the experts in the industry. CIT facilitates constant interaction, keeping abreast with the industry dynamics and staying relevant in today's world. The team also works in close association with the Placement Cell of the college, primarily focusing on building strong relationships with companies and top agencies, for the benefit of the students, and the institution at large.

The Corporate Interface Team’s flagship event is known as COMVISAGE, which is a two-day communication summit comprising of corporate talks and workshops delivered by notable speakers from the industry. Colloquiums is another event organized by CIT where the focus is on specialization-wise corporate talks, catering to the industry exposure and insights from an expert in each domain.

Placement Cell MBA

The Placement Cell works its fingers to the bone to ensure that the best Creative, PR, Digital, Media and Marketing Agencies, and Corporate houses find their way to SIMC. The cell aims at securing the best opportunities that the industry has to offer for its students. The placement cell is at the vanguard during the placement season commencing in November. Whether it comes to summer internships or final placements, the cell works all year round and with tireless vigor.

Valuing integrity and initiative, the cell hits the ground running by focusing on outdoing itself each year while adhering to the highest possible standards. Under the guidance of the Director, senior faculty members and with the support of the Placement Officer, this student-driven cell is at the helm when it comes to preparing students for the industry.

Placement Cell MA (MC)

The Placement Cell of MA (MC) includes the Journalism vertical as well as the Audio-Visual vertical, focusing on bringing well-reputed companies for the students. With an aim to expose the students to the industry, the cell has successfully brought in companies such as The Hindu, Reuters, The Quint, and many others for the Journalism vertical, and companies such as Prime

Focus Technologies, The Glitch, Jugaad Motion Pictures, Absolute Productions for the Audio-Visual vertical

Student Academic Forum MA (MC)

A body that keeps academia at its core, the MA (MC) Student Academic Forum (SAF) works towards realizing the bigger objective that SIMC swears by - ‘Constant learning leads to better practice’. SAF at SIMC is the link between the students and the teaching faculty, acting as a facilitator, to strengthen communication between the two. In its endeavor to leverage practicality with theory, SAF plays an integral role in adding value to the course structure by arranging for industry professionals to provide their valuable opinion.

The SAF also makes a constant effort to ensure that students’ opinions are taken into consideration with the help of a structured feedback mechanism in coordination with the administration. SAF works for benchmarking the course structure by taking feedback from students to provide improvisation to the current curriculum. SAF also assigns students as multiple module coordinators to ensure that there is no disparity between the course completed in class and the predesigned course structure. It plays a key role in the execution of the modules, ensuring that the administration and evaluation of assessments across modules are done on a timely basis.

Branding Cell

The Branding Cell is wholly responsible for designing communications to represent the student community, faculty, and alumni of SIMC, on online and offline platforms. The cell curates content on a regular basis with blogs, upcoming event posts, social media coverage of everything that goes around in the campus, and photo albums for the reminiscence of everyone who’s a part of SIMC.

The cell’s integrated communication structure has become an important touch-point for the industry, alumni and aspirants. The team also doubles as a Public Relations agent during conferences, corporate and co-curricular events ensuring positive media relations to take our news far and wide. The team works in coordination with all student bodies to represent the best version of SIMC.


SIMCare is the social responsibility cell of SIMC, working for the welfare of the students and society. This student-driven body works enthusiastically to conduct events, such as Samarthan - a Digital Literacy Campaign for SIMC’s staff and SIMCare Cricket Tournament for the mess workers, which helps to create a well-rounded atmosphere for the people residing in the Lavale hilltop campus.

Moving beyond the hilltop experience, the cell campaigns to provide aid and monetary donations during calamities that happen around the country, and collaborates with old age homes and orphanages in Pune to gift them an eventful day of cultural activities and companionship. SIMCare believes in spreading social awareness through relevant campaigns and fun even

Campus Connect

Campus Connect creates an interface between aspirants and the institute. The team is committed to reaching out to aspirants, who are planning to appear for the courses available at SIMC. Right from filling up applications for admission, Campus Connect guides them at every step on the way. SIMC Pune Aspirants, the Facebook Group exclusively addresses any concerns that aspirants might have, for both MBA (CM) and MA (MC).

The admission to the college is a tedious process, but Campus Connect makes sure that it’s a memorable one through the 'Buddy' system. Buddies are a dedicated group of student ambassadors who make the process hassle-free. During the process, the core team, along with the administrative staff, faculty and ‘Buddies’ come together to ensure that the shortlisted candidates have the smoothest possible admission process. Upon admission, Campus Connect also conducts an informal session with the shortlisted students in different cities across the country, called SIMChai.

Logistics Cell

The Logistics Cell is the backbone for everything that happens on SIMC’s campus, whether it is corporate or cultural events. From gaining permissions, procuring materials, handling guest relations, ensuring security, managing stage, and stall setups, arranging for transportation, to getting the much sought after batch t-shirts and hoodies, Logistics provides support to all the cells of SIMC.

Creative Cell

The Creative cell at SIMC houses a bunch of people who swear by Photoshop and thrive in paint. Entrusted with the responsibility of beating the drum for the multitude of events at SIMC, materialising marvellous ideas, and breathing a bit of magic into everything that they do, the Creative Cell brings events at SIMC to life. The cell has two kinds of people – some who make their magic in the digital world and live on a steady diet of illustrator and some who paint the town red and sprinkle glitter on everything.

Between the Offline and Online divisions, the cell takes responsibility for developing promotional content, ideating for event themes and outlines and handling the generic creative requirements of other cells. In short, they’ve done everything; from recreating pictures digitally and painting walls to creating posters and designing websites.

Co-Curricular Cell

SimCult is the Co-Curricular cell of SIMC which ensures an experience outside the four walls of the classroom. It gives students a chance for a platform where they can display their non-scholastic capacities, enhancing the value of their student life. The activities bring together students who exhibit enthusiasm in not just participating, but also in organizing them. Be it jam sessions on campus, putting up performances for fests or even just coming together for the love of music, art, dance, theatre and much more. Fest-O-Comm is the annual culture and communications flagship fest organized by SimCult that brings together all art forms and sees participation from various universities all over the country. The fest sees cultural activities and competitions in music, art, dance, theatre, photography, fashion, film-making and a lot more. There are also sports and case-study competitions held during the fest. During the evenings, performances by popular bands, stand-up artists and singers bring the whole campus alive to become the highlight of the fest.

Alumni Relations Cell

The Alumni Relations Cell has established a firm ground for itself by acting as an interface between the alums and the college. It is centered on the idea- “wherever you go, we follow,” thereby believing in establishing and nurturing an everlasting bond between the institute and its students. The flagship event of the ARC is the convocation ceremony, where the team members work tirelessly to put up a memorable day for the alums.

Its primary goal is to make the alums part of the institute's growth, and of enriching the experiences of the current students as well as the alums by opening up avenues for the exchange of ideas and opinions. The Alumni Relations Cell believes that the end of two years does not put an end to the relationship the college has with its students.

Years of continued rigorous and persevering efforts have helped SIMC to establish a niche in the industry and ARC vouches to honor the people who have made SIMC what it is today.

Sports Cell

The Sports Cell builds team players into community leaders to teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities. Getting the team together, organizing tournaments and having fun is what the sports cell team does the best.

The flagship event of Sports Cell is called Crick-Fiesta wherein the junior and the senior batches come together to play a cricket tournament. The event is held in an IPL format where teams are formed through bidding of points. Over the years, the event has turned out to be one of the most fun events at the campus.

Years of continued rigorous and persevering efforts have helped SIMC to establish a niche in the industry and ARC vouches to honor the people who have made SIMC what it is today.

Clubs and Competition Cell

The Clubs and Competition cell at SIMC consists of people who are motivated to bring in the best of opportunities and platforms to foster a student community that adds value to the media and communication industry. As a student-driven initiative, the cell acts as a bridge that connects the students to all the possible learning inside and outside of the curriculum. The team makes this happen by conducting competitions and events, and by bringing opportunities that would help students hone their extra-curricular skills in line with their academia.

The cell has two independently functioning verticals – the MBA team (Clubs and Competitions) and the MA team (MA MC Competitions). Within the MBA vertical, there are five clubs namely, Media Management, Ad, Public Relations, Research, and Digital.

Competition Cell MA (MC)

The MA (MC) vertical of the Competition cell organizes competitions related to the curriculum, as well as outside of it. The competition vertical for both the Journalism and Audio Visual specializations is a two-way door for students outside and inside SIMC to find opportunities to participate in nationally renowned competitions, both in-house and intercollegiate.

The cell functions with a vision to build an ecosystem that enhances, motivates and supports students to participate in and create competitions that help them learn the nuances of the media and communication industry.

Projects Cell

Projects Cell is an extended arm of SIMC which brings practical challenges in the form of live projects from industry, to help students experience realistic and relevant business scenarios. The live projects are sourced from various corporate and agencies independently, as well as in conjunction with other cells like Placements, Corporate Interface Team, Alumni Relations Cell and Student Academic Forum.

The point-of-contact from the project cell ensures smooth coordination between the organization’s hiring team and the applicants to bring students on board for the projects. The hired students pursue the projects under the guidance of mentors from the organization through constant interaction via email, telephone or office visits (depending on the project requirement). After the successful completion of the project, students are awarded experience certificates.

Project cell supports the student community to seize a platform to help them integrate various academic concepts and learn from challenges. This not only enhances their overall experience but also adds immense value to their profile which is beneficial for internships and final placements.

Wellness Cell

Wellness is the process of becoming aware and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. The wellness cell team believes that wellness is more than just being free from illness. It is a dynamic process of change and growth of mental as well as physical health.

The cell works towards the well-being of the students at SIMC in various aspects- emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical and social wellness. They do this by organizing fun and engaging activities to encourage the students to balance their physical and mental health objectives.


The dance circle of SIMC is home to a bunch of passionate and talented dancers with a zest for life. SIMChoreo believes that dance is poetry in motion. It is a form of expression for diverse artists who come together to create magic and spread their love for art. For people looking to let loose and break the monotony of college life, SimChoreo is a community where one can tune the world out, plug in the music and just shake a leg with each other.


SimCouture is the fashion circle of SIMC which collectively builds and works with students who are fashion enthusiasts and want to make an impact by working closely with fashion and its trends. SimCouture also organizes and participates in competitions and college fests that are related to fashion, setting trend statements for the students, providing styling and fashion tips while also collaborating with fashion bloggers.

Music Circle

The Music Circle of SIMC comprises of an eclectic mix of music enthusiasts who do just about everything that comes to mind when one thinks about the word ‘music’. Our music team comprises of singers proficient in Indian classical and Western as well as instrumentalists playing the keyboard, guitar, drums and the flute. Apart from actively taking part in various in-house cultural events like Aarambh (cultural event for first-year students), SIMCarnival and Fest-O-Comm, the circle also organizes events like karaoke nights and bonfire sessions.

Photography Circle

The photography circle of SIMC has artists to its credit who bring every picture to life. The SIMClicks team believes in storytelling through lens, depicting emotions through photography and giving every picture a unique character. The team boasts of illustrators and photographers who play with close-ups in capturing the spirit of just another extraordinary or candid moment. Being SIMC’s lens, they are omnipresent and cover anything and everything that binds the people here, together. A range of the major events held by them includes Ganpati Visarjan walk, photo walk, photography competitions, and other events. Being one of the legs of branding for SIMC, SIMClicks has all the stake in adorning and updating notice boards of the institution.

Drama Circle

A team performance comes together in no other form better than performing arts and this is especially true for theatre. The stage is said to be unanimous with life. And that’s what the theatrical stage at SIMC stands for! The Drama Circle of SIMC, Pune, is a simple collective of theatre enthusiasts. The members are known to redefine expression on stage when every year the junior and senior batch comes together for SIU’s cultural event – Aarambh, often known to have the sole right over the winning ovation! Even in SIMCarnival and Fest-O-Comm, the drama circle is known to deliver tremendous performances.

Poetry Circle

The community that the Poetry Circle forms is in its truest essence, a place where you come, sit and forget all the weariness surrounding you. It’s a place where you come to freely express without the fear of being judged. Almost cathartic, it is an escape route as much as it is a process of acceptance. The poetry circle conducts poetry slams and meetings to share and appreciate poetry with each other. The circle ultimately is about spending some fabulous time with friends, enjoying a favorite medium of expression - Poetry!

Marketing Society

The Marketing Society of SIMC Pune was conceptualized and brought into place in the academic year 2018-19. MarkSoc is a student-managed association, with an independent committee which comprises of members from the senior and junior MBA batches.

The Marketing Society seeks to cover every nuance and aspect that falls under the broad umbrella of marketing. Every marketer needs much more than selling and communication skills; it demands that a person understands finances and budgeting, relationship skills, corporate etiquette, presentation, and delivery skills. Individuals need to go beyond the four walls of the classroom and place themselves in the real world to actually understand the dimensions of marketing, and this is where MarkSoc steps in to guide you.

Marketing Society broadly caters to the student community through platforms like The MarkSmiths, a corporate talk delivered by reigning industry experts and specialists. Strategic Lateral Thinking Sessions where students are given complex real-life cases and scenarios, to strategize, and come up with various approaches to address the case at hand.

Ranging from quizzes to other in-house contests, MarkSoc hosts regular competitions to keep the students engaged and excited. Debate competitions and face-offs on marketing-related scenarios, the Marketing Society organizes Intra-Symbi, as well as national events.

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